Trinity Mysterious System

In space, a new system was discovered that consists of one Sun and two planets, one of which is suitable for life. Scientists named that cluster –Trinity System. There is a little blue Sun – Fake Blue Dwarf that revolves around the planet Trinity like a satellite and emanates pleasant bluish light, providing day-night change. The climate on Trinity is determined by a big, hot, red planet Hot Ruby, which is always visible on the horizon and creates spectacular views – Trinity always faces to Hot Ruby with one of its poles, they always look at each other and don’t rotate around their own axes. That red planet with beautiful deep-red color (half-stark lava) gives Trinity warmth but not light.

Explore, research, discover 

Planet Trinity is not explored at all – anything could be dangerous for people: any bush, tree, rock or animal. The adventure part of the game is based on researching the planet Trinity, exploring and analyzing never seen kinds of plants, animals, soil, minerals – search of resources for maintaining life in the new city, its improvement, and expansion.

First people on Trinity 

The spaceship with a scientific expedition was sent from Earth. All members of that expedition become the first settlers and founders of the first city on Trinity.

The crew includes all professions available at the first level of the city. Members of the expedition adjusted their professions for the city's needs: the captain became first mayor, commander – a first policeman. Other professions, such as a firefighter, an engineer-mechanic, a chef, a taster, a doctor, a trainer, a scientist-professor, a zoologist, a botanist, a constructor, and many others also will be available.

Improving the city

The city will be improving level by level. The current level depends on indicators of citizens' success and assimilated territories. Depending on the level of the city different buildings will be available: entertainment, shops, restaurants etc. The appearance of the city evolves starting from plastic houses to skyscrapers.

As the city improves, the new architecture of the buildings and their specialization will be added.

Research Center on the first level of the City                                                                       Research Facility on the last level of the City


There is only one capital city on each continent, but each city has many different districts. All cities will be connected with each other – trade of food and stuff, citizens will travel from one city to another. The connection between cities will be accomplished by air with flying machines and also by water – water transport.

Play with life

The main game process will be in the life simulation mode. The main game unit is a human character, that is a basic component of the game. Characters are born, become an adult, learn, get married, work, give birth, get old and die. At the same time, a player can control a few characters, who live in the one house. Each character has its own personality, interests, hobby, desires etc.

For the positive progress of the game, a player has to satisfy the needs and wishes of a character. All character's needs have to be met to keep a character alive and happy.

Each character has personality traits which determine his behavior, mood, and actions. Characters closely interact not only with each other but also with the environment – with objects, nature, animals, and weather. Characters react in a different way to objects, events, other characters' actions, weather – depending on their personality and mood. Depending on his mood a character does the same actions differently. Most often character's reaction is automatic – without a player's influence. A big part of the gaming process is determined by artificial intelligence: an automatic reaction of a character on a certain stimulus depends on his personality. Many things in the game will be going on without a player's participation, there are things that player isn't able to change and control.

Each character lives through next life stages: infant, toddler, kid, child, teen, student, young adult, adult, elder, senior.

When a baby is born he gets a set of personality traits, that was determined by the game. Living his life in a certain way, listening to the parents and doing the same actions many times the character may obtain one or another of acquired personality traits. All that significantly influence on the further game with that character – a player not always can make the character do a certain action if it conflicts with the character's personality or mood.

For a living, a character needs money to buy food, cloth, a house with furniture, entertainment, and all other such necessary things. The main source of income, in the game, is a job. A character can get his first job being a teenager. In the game there will be many different careers, some of them will be payable, the others are not. New careers will be added to increase a level of the city.

Build a house

Most characters will live in a house. A house – it's a certain size lot of land with a building on it, where the character lives, satisfying his needs, where his family lives. A player can change any object of the house depending on his taste and preferences.  

All process of building a house is made by choosing a prebuilt layout or ordering a customized one from an Architect, that will enable a Built Mode for a player. A player can place the house on the chosen lot. The landscape on a chosen lot can be edited.

The player can buy a furnishing for the house from the store and decorate the house according to his/her taste. Otherwise, furnishing can be ordered from a Furniture Master, then the player can choose a shape, color, size, etc.

Realistic cloths

Clothing for a character can be bought in a store. Besides, the special cloth can be ordered from a Stylist, where the player will be able to choose a shape, color. At the character's wardrobe player can set different attires for different purposes: for sleeping, sport, home, outside, party, etc.

New discoveries every day

The adventure part of the game is based on researching the planet Trinity and it's resources, discovering features of local plants, animals, and weather. An example how it is going to work in the game: before making a meal from wild plants, fruits, vegetables, fish, or animals – a botanist or zoologist has to find it first, afterward, scientist at a lab will check it, and then from radio/TV results will be told to the public. Afterward, chefs will figure out some dishes with new ingredients. And only, after all, that, new recipes will be available for the public at cooking books and magazines. Before that, on the first level of the city, citizens will eat, from Earth brought supplies, at the local canteen for free. Then that canteen will be changed into a bistro and new dishes and beverages will be sold for money. Also, characters will be able to buy new food ingredients at a local grocery store and try to cook new recipes by themselves.

Also, at building, new materials become available depending on researchers' discoveries – color glass, new metals, and wood.

To explore the whole continent takes a lot of game time and going on with different additional difficulties and surprises because of unexpected interactions with unstudied animals, plants, phenomenons, etc.

Life in the city equally depends on all professions. Work tasks of different professions often connected. Sometimes they have to work together to achieve the required result. There are NPC in the city, who can give a character additional tasks if a player wants.

Treepolis – first playable continent

The climate on the first forest continent is pretty much the same as on the Earth: four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall. All three other continents have almost stable climate – without big changes during a year. But unexpected local cataclysms occur – strong wind or sand or snow storms, showers with hail and thunderstorms. About that will be warned on TV or radio. But consequences always different and unexpected. That adds suddenness and living processes to the game.


Treepolis will be playable in the base of the game. Other three continents will be added to the game with future DLC.

It is essential to create DLC, that will add new game activity to the base game. Approximately, two DLCs during a year. Altogether not less than 10 DLCs for five years. For example, business, education, sport and hobbies, fashion, tourism, ocean world, magic, etc.

Also, additional programs will be created, which allow players to create and add to the game their own content: furniture, cloth, walls, floors etc.

The game is an endless life simulation, that allows players to play it for many years.