Octopus Entertainment offers you and your characters unique opportunity to immerse into a new unexplored world: to catch and examine new species, to tame new pets, to open unique resources, to build and develop a city that will attract tourists from all over the universe.

For the realization of all the above and much more, we have chosen a place of action, not the Earth, but absolutely new planet – Trinity, which has its unique flora and fauna, weather and climate overall, amazing natural phenomena, and also hidden mysteries which players will have to discover by themselves.

Many people want to see new places, meet unique individuals – what about to become a part of a crew of space pioneers and to go to a new planet for founding the first city on Trinity.

The gameplay is made in a life simulation style, will allow you to immerse into the life of your characters, who will have a direct influence on the development of the city and its society.

Go with your characters through all challenges, that are waiting for you during the foundation of the first settlement, and on each next level of development of the city and its citizens.

For improving your city, you will need to extend knowledge and improve skills of specialists, open new land and explore resources, animals, and nature.

During the fulfillment of a global scenario, the life of an ordinary person also will be full of events and tasks. Like in a real life, your characters will need to find their vocation, hobby, interests, as well as friends and, of course, the love of their life. During all their life your characters will be obtaining not only new knowledge, skills, and experience but also new character traits. Whether to be an active member of society and to push the city to progress, or to become a hermit and write the music of future, or spend all days with friends exploring new lands – that uneasy choice, among so many options, has to be made not only by you but by your characters as well, since they have their own temperaments, dreams, and desires.

To achieve high results in this game, you will have to cooperate efforts and strengths of all citizens. By applying yours strategic and logical skills, you can always come to the desired result.

But don't forget about fun – after all, it is the main goal of our game! Have fun, get entertained and pleased with all your characters.