The success of our project fully depends on your help!

From the beginning of our startup, we decided NOT to take any financing which implies a contract on the control of the game, its script, quality and release date. We know about some bad experience of other similar companies, so we decided to almost completely rely on the help of fans starting from the game's script to its financing! Listening to the opinion, considering all the wishes and dreams, communicating closely on websites and forums, we together with the fans of the gaming industry are going to create totally an unusual product.

Quality and release date of the game directly depend on financing. Our desire to create the game with high-quality graphic and script led us to the need to seek financing from all possible sources, including your Donation.

We commit ourselves to inform you about all new developments and advances in the process of working on the game. Among the first will be created the character editor and the map of the world.

First our step will be registration of the Canadian Corporation for the production of the game to keep all rights and control of the project in our and fan's hands! That is for we ask for a first Donation. We will do our best to not to mess up with the project and to listen to only your opinion.

Our next step will be to present our project on Kickstarter, where we are planing to attract investments for the development of the “Trinity Mysterious System: Settling”.

We are very grateful for any help that you will provide. It could be:

  • Just tell your friends about us and Trinity.
  • Any acceptable for you amount of Donation will help us to hire experienced developers and artists.
  • And don't forget to follow us of Facebook.