Our game TrinityMS is under development. We are currently working on creating editors for construction, clothing, hairstyles. Read all the news, details and discussions on our forum. Follow the news.
Our team is united by a common disinclination to see a war in games and everything it includes! We think that games supposed to bring happiness and positive emotions, as well as contribute to the development of intelligence, imagination and thought process. In our game, there is nothing connected to violence and war. Let's make our world a little more positive!!!
New opportunities in the new world – it's so exciting and so fun! Open new lands step by step. Study new animals and plants. Experiment with new properties and possibilities. Make tests with dangerous consequences. Even an ordinary citizen will feel unexpected effects of new discoveries. It won't be boring! Be bold!
Unique wild land of untouched nature will make you shiver because of every rustle. Unexplored lands conceal within itself lots of secrets and peculiar creatures! You never know what could happen if you eat this berry and sniff that flower! Even the most harmless-looking lizard may become the last that your character saw in his life or make him laugh until the hiccup.
From first settlement to megalopolis, from plastic houses to skyscrapers – build and develop the city of your dream. Create a network of cities and settlements connected with businesses and dynasties. Satisfy citizens and your ambitions. Attract new visitors into your public places and increase the level of their popularity. Different possibilities on different continents, depending on climate.
From birth to last breath, from the first kiss to a herd of grandchildren, from the first teacher to master diploma, from first working day to a director of a corporation. More than one generation of characters will turn grey and leave the world of Trinity, while all megalopolises will be built and all lands discovered! Play in a change of generation, plan and develop your dynasty. Get surprised with how another heir looks like a grandfather and amazed that grandma rewrote her will to the cat! Hopes and plans, destinies and disappointments of whole generations. Famous dynasties that achieved recognition among the fashion fans, or the galaxy scale millionaires! Trinity is the system of opportunities!
Varied character traits and habits make each character unique. Wishes and fears, skills and habits, tastes and interests, physiology and sings of the zodiac and, eventually, reputation – all that make your character special and almost real! Character traits can be obtained depending on life experience and events. Emotions..., oh! emotions..., who could do without them?!

Welcome to the world of “System Trinity”!

You will plunge into the atmosphere of a completely unknown world with a variety of puzzles and opportunities. Enjoy incredibly beautiful views of the unusual nature.

System Trinity is inhabited by People– they are humans of future: kind, positive explorers. Each person is unique, has his temperament and abilities, his wishes, dreams, and habits. More details you will find at menu Trinity --> Characters.

Cities development on the planet depends on life and actions of your people because social status and achievements of each person influence on all around. Without personal development, there won't be a development of a city. More details you will find at menu Trinity --> Cities.


System Trinity

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